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My daughter is my biggest inspiration.

~ Dez ThaDesigner

Desmond “Dez ThaDesigner” Noland, is a young, empowered and gifted artist from Philadelphia, PA. He started designing in the early stages of his career by participating in numerous fashion shows, premier trade shows and photo shoot events. Dez felt the fashion market lacked self-expression and wanted to help the world design their identity. With extensive ambition and passion, he created two very unique and innovative brands called ARTLIFE316 and he Co-Founded DEZIGN YOUR IDENTITY, (DYI), with Stefan "PicturePerfect" Savage. 

DYI launched in spring of 2010 and has since created unique designs for a number of notable celebrities including DJ No-Phrillz and HM Beatz. DYI has also worked with distinguished photographers and models such as Mark Savage of Crescendo Productions, photographer Larry Wright and served as a styling consultant for models Vanessa Banks, Raelia Lewis from America’s Next Top Model of cycle 21, Bryshere Gray from the hit series "Empire" and Lee Mazin, Rapper on "Sisterhood of Hip-Hop", among several others. Additional notable works include;


  • Styling Consultant and Designer for Atlantic City Fashion Week and SOHO Fashion Week

  • Custom artwork created for Jr. Middle Weight Boxer Julian ''J-rock'' Williams

  • Art portraits created for comedians Michael Blackson and Corey Holcomb 

  • Artwork and sneaker design for R&B singer Mack Wilds

DYI represents a creative and individualistic form of dress and art made to bring out self-expression and distinctive personalities. The brand embodies creativity with personalized clothing, shoes, artwork and accessories to signify the importance of standing out from the crowd. DYI steps away from the normal market trends and continues to generate fresh, new, mysterious, funky and innovative artistic fashion ideas for consumers. 

DYI and ArtLife316 are national brands with consumers not only in the U.S., but also South America and Europe. Dez continues to challenge market standards on innovation and is dedicated to bringing new and creative ideas to the fashion and creative arts industry.

Community Advocate

Helping women increase self-esteem and overcome barriers through art and self expression.

Community Advocate


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